A great tool for writer :FocusWriter

I want to introduce a great tool for writing. I feel the great sense when I use it.

OK. why this tool?

Distarction! this is the number #1 enemy of our creativity todays.

It is obvious. you can google this keyword “Age of distaction” to find all links and post that all them justify you why it is true.

for writing, you should be in an environment that supports your creativity.
Where is this supported environment.
one rule? the environment that you would be creative person. it is all up to you.

one of element of this environment, is that tool you use to write.
Paper and pen, Office, or similar applications, web based or Adnroid or each platform you are well on it.

I use recently focuswriter. this is a simple and grate application to support your environment that you use to write.
this app provide a blank and simple place to write focusly.


some other feature is the typewriter sound effect that you sense well like a mythical writer type tour texts.


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